LSU has Joe borrow and nobody else has Joe borrow.

Game time is less than one hour away. We are here. The city is electric and there is incredible anticipation for this game. Tigers versus tigers. Clemson is a 5-1/2-point underdog. Don’t believe it for a second. They think they can win this game.

Dabo Swinney is a master tactician. He manages the game better than anybody. And Orgeron is no slouch but he appears to delegate authority more than utilize it.

Both teams have speed on offense and defense along with quality at almost every position. But the difference is just overwhelming at one. That is the quarterback. LSU has Joe borrow and nobody else has Joe borrow. Joe Burrow is the single most difference-maker in college football this year. I don’t care about the 5 1/2 points. LSU cannot be stopped. Swinney will do everything we can including throwing the kitchen sink at the LSU offense. It won’t matter this is the bet of the decade. LSU in a landslide. I can’t find one prognosticator it was a predicting at least a competitive game. By the third quarter, this game will be over. Burrow or as they say Burreaux down here is just toooooo good. Remember, you didn’t just hear that here first you only heard it here, Period.


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