The New Year delivers some intriguing football games…

First a happy new year to everyone. The new year comes on intriguing football games, changes in coaching positions and most of all a championship game.

I know you all know that LSU is a prohibitive favorite as they demolished and humiliated Oklahoma and one semifinal 63-28. From now on, the Sooners must be recognized fir what they are, a team which is living off its reputation.

There are others that would like to think Clemson was fortunate, I think it was a combination of being outcoached, lack of discipline and ultimately turnovers which caused Ohio State to lose in dramatic fashion. It looked like it was over until Ohio State player Sean Wade was ejected fir targeting and received 15-yard penalty resulting in a Tigers a touchdown. None of that would’ve happened if he showed any discipline.

We will be talking about this marquee matchup in the Whallons of Clemson versus LSU. But for right now let’s talk about tomorrow’s games.

Minnesota versus Auburn. A huge game for the golden golfers. They are getting eight points. They will need to play well and play turnover free football. They are completely outmanned on the line of scrimmage. But they do have one thing going for them. Destiny. They are playing on a January 1 bowl game for the first time since 1962. They already have a 10-win season. They almost played for the Big Ten championship. It has been a Renaissance in Minnesota football. For Auburn, it’s just another game. The good thing with the Tigers is that their fans won’t have to travel very far I’d still take the points here with a lock on Minnesota.

Michigan versus Alabama. Two of the best programs in the country. So much tradition here. it’s a very difficult game for handicap. We like Michigan plus the seven points, but it depends which Alabama team shows up. Alabama usually does not play well when they are not competing for a national championship. Four units on the Wolverines plus the eight points.

Oregon versus Wisconsin. The badgers have all American running back Jonathan Taylor. Oregon has all American quarterback Justin Herbert. Oregon is the more physical team. They should’ve play led for the college football playoff but didn’t show up against Arizona State. Other than that, I think they will defeat the badgers going away. A double lock plus the three points are a gift on the ducks.

Georgia versus Baylor. The bears are getting eight points. They have been competitive in every game they’ve played all year. Georgia is finishing another disappointing season and failed to make it to the college football playoff. That is what the Bulldogs are measured by. The Bears have a superior coach in Matt Ruhle. This guy is the real deal and it turned around he was program. We think the Bears make this competitive. A triple lock here on Baylor.

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