Another day and…

UCLA announced that graduate transfer Wilton Speight will be the starting quarterback against Cincinnati for their opening game. This was somewhat of a surprise because Speight is not the type of dual threat that Coach Chip Kelly prefers. Instead, he is a prototypical quarterback. Obviously, Kelly thinks since he’s coached in the NFL, he can adapt to Speight’s talent. This remains to be seen.

Another day and… we do not know Alabama’s starting quarterback. 24 hours and running until kick off. Maryland still has not fired its coach DJ Durkin. This is now beyond comprehension. Yet another statement released by Ohio State coach Urban Meyer.

Meyergate will not go away. Meyer continues to release statements which he thinks will benefit him in the court of public opinion but, have hurt his reputation irreparably. First, Meyer stated again he did not lie when he told the media July 24 he did not know assistant coach Zach Smith’s allegations of domestic violence in 2015. From everything we know, everything which has been presented, including Meyer’s own statements, he knew. Apparently, he defines lying different than all of us. His attempt at damage control has backfired. Meyer claims, “my fault was in not taking action sooner against a troubled employee about his work-related issues.” Mr. Meyer, your fault was in not recognizing you had a man on your staff which you are responsible for who was being accused of domestic violence. Clearly, you knew about it as far back as 2009. Meyer refuses to show any remorse, any understanding and any accountability for his breach of fiduciary duty and trust to the Ohio State University. He should be counting his lucky stars he got away with it with a short suspension. The problem for Meyer now is the attention and the scrutiny he receives will not go away if he is the coach. He can issue all the statements he wants. It won’t matter.

On another note, it would be wrong for us not to mention that Texas Coach Tom Herman, a former Buckeye Assistant was with Zach Smith when he ran up $600 in bills while at a strip club in Columbus. Meyer has not commented about this transgression. Just another day at the office for him.

Tomorrow there is a full schedule of games, some of which have national significance. We are looking at several games now and will release our picks by noon tomorrow. Pay attention here and don’t be fooled that because you might be paying for your picks, they may be more accurate. We already picked Northwestern getting points and told you they would win outright.


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