A Bama loss will open absolute chaos.

The CFP rankings are out and there are no surprises here. Alabama, Clemson at one and two. Oh, and as much as I agree with this, you cannot ignore the Tide has beaten no ranked team except for Texas A&M. But it all changes this week as they head to Death Valley to play No. 3 LSU. LSU, as we told you, has the best resume and if they defeat the Tide this week, I’d move them to No. 1 even with one loss. Our theme continues—a good loss should be treated better than a bad win.

Sure, we thought Notre Dame would be ranked No. 4 and not 3 but it doesn’t matter. This is not where the pressure is. The Committee must make the most difficult decisions at the end not now. Historically, they do a lot of things early only and change their minds on final selection day. This invariably creates controversy and is why we think there should be changes in the process. I won’t hold my breath.

From my perspective, if Notre Dame is behind LSU, why not put them behind Georgia and Oklahoma. The committee also has Washington State at No. 8. They’re ahead of Kentucky at 9 and Ohio State at 10. So, let’s say the Cougars win out. Do you think there’s even a chance if Kentucky and/or Ohio State ran the same table they wouldn’t jump the Cougars? Of course, they would. That’s the perceived blue blood and SEC bias built in to this formula. If Alabama were No. 8, it would be nearly impossible for a team behind them to jump them if they won out. Image and reputation mean everything. We’ll see how this plays out, but this formula should never be described as fair.

Central Florida at No. 12 has no chance for previous reasons expressed here. No Group Five team has a chance before the season even starts. It’s a monopolized system rigged against them. Don’t believe anything you hear about their chances. It would take a miracle and the cards are stacked against all those teams before the season starts.

Anyway, let’s not get too excited as there’s a lot of football to be played. A Bama loss will open absolute chaos.

“The Schreib”

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