Pretty simple logic with this week’s CFP rankings.

Starting with No. Alabama, No. 2 Clemson, No. 3 Notre Dame and No. 4 Georgia all are easy slots. Georgia plays Alabama in the SEC championship game. So, the fact that they are in the final CP position for this week is of no consequence. They must win. Alabama on the other hand could lose a hard-fought encounter to the Bulldogs and still qualify.

That would be a huge upset so let’s not hold our breath. But we will be there to watch it anyway. Assuming for this purpose the Crimson Tide do defeat Georgia, it appears at least at this point that No. 5 Oklahoma with the victory over No. 14 Texas would jump one spot and into the college football playoff. And wouldn’t we all want to see that game.? The most dynamic player in college football, Kyler Murray, quarterback for Oklahoma, playing against the arguably the best defense Alabama has had under Nick Saban. Would love to see that game. Of course, the other question is would Oklahoma even stop Alabama’s offense just one time?

At No. 6 is Ohio State. Don’t be confused. The buckeyes belong here. The real question is if they will pass Oklahoma with the victory in the Big 10 Championship game over Northwestern? If both teams, I can hear Barry Alvarez saying a one loss Big Ten champion should always qualify for the college football playoff. Do you think he’s a little biased?

The other thing going for Oklahoma is that they are facing the only team they lost to, Texas. So, a victory could remove the one demerit sitting on the record. Unless of course, you see the defense play. That’s a story for another day.

No. 7 is the University of Michigan. They are still reeling from their 62-39 loss to Ohio State. Even with that lopsided loss, the Wolverines still are ahead of the University of Central Florida which is undefeated at 11-0 and have played the best football of the season in the past two weeks. But they are a group of five team and not a power five team. That’s the end of the debate. We told you here they never had a chance and they still don’t.

Want to know something very interesting? The highest rated conference champion of the Group of five conferences qualifies for one of the high paying New Year’s Six bowls. Again, that champion is picked by the 13 committee members of the college football playoff. However, when it comes to picking the four schools for the college football playoffs, there is no pre-condition that any of those for teams must be conference champions. How hypocritical is that? Think about it. One must be a conference champion to qualify and the other you could finish fourth in your league and qualify. Who wrote these criteria; somebody obviously with no common sense.


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