The noise you just heard was…

The Clemson Tigers running over Alabama 44 -16.

We knew it was a different game when Alabama quarterback Tua Tagovailoa threw a pick six and suddenly Clemson was ahead 7-0. We knew it was a different kind of a game when the two teams went back-and-forth with Alabama trailing 14 to 13 and not even five minutes had lapsed in the first quarter.

Things calmed down after that. Alabama eventually showed that the bully in them could not overcome the determination in Clemson. The Tide had literally rolled over opponents all year, physically manhandling them. Here, Clemson would have nothing of it. Alabama just rolled over, losing 44-16. They didn’t even score in the second half.

The other wildcard in this game is that Tigers made big plays on offense either for long gains or touchdowns which broke Bama’s is back. Lastly, can you tell me what Nick Saban ‘s problem is with field goals? Sometimes he just will not try them. Alabama three deep at every position. Can they find a field goal kicker? That fake he attempted in the third quarter was one the worst call all year. Not only did it not work but Clemson was ready for it and he just should’ve gone for it on fourth down.

The reality here is the better team won and Alabama for probably the first time in the recent memory, lost their focus and their poise. Clemson was their focus more disciplined team. Congratulations to the Clemson tigers, and national champions for 2019.

One of the great lines I heard all year came after the final horn. The term “Alabama and everybody else” was being thrown around. Now, there is a new term. Alabama, Clemson and everybody else.