Championship weekend – new questions raised?

Championship week decided who is in the College Football Playoff. There were no upsets but there were some compelling results, and new questions raised.

Who’s in.

No. 1. Alabama. Showed some real championship pedigree in coming back from a fourteen-point deficit to defeat Georgia, 35-28. They solidified their top ranking.

No. 2 Clemson. Well, they made the bus, took care of business in defeating Pitt, 42-10, and they’re in.

No. 3 Notre Dame. Idle and happy, they’re in.

No. 4. Oklahoma. They beat the only team they lost to, Texas, 39-27. They are champions of the Big 12, which is an element the committee is supposed to consider. And they’ve been ranked ahead of one loss Big Ten Ohio State conference champion all year. They can’t have it taken from them. Or can they?

First four out.

No. 5 Ohio State. The Buckeyes played well enough to win against Northwestern, 45-24, but needed a knockout punch to have a chance. They didn’t get it. In addition, they have a bad loss against Purdue and a bad win against Maryland. The only thing that can save them is if the conference of influence and affluence gets its political clout up and starts working the phones.

No. 6 Georgia. Many, especially those with SEC bias are campaigning for the Bulldogs since they showed they were the only team all year to compete with Bama. While that’s true, the reality is the game was more epic for their collapse. Missed chip shot field goal, horrendous play call on a fourth down and most of all, a complete loss of their composure. They didn’t just lose. They gave it to the Tide. You can’t be rewarded for that.

No. 7 Central Florida. Give this team credit. They lost their starting quarterback, were way down in the game and still fought back to show their character, defeating Memphis, 56-41.

No. 8 LSU. The best three loss team in football.