Lots of games and only two count?

Hello folks. We took four weeks off in protest because there are only two games which count and that is the college football semifinals. That is what is unfortunate. The college football playoff should be expanded to at least eight teams and bowls should be reduced. Currently, 78 out of the 130 teams play in a bowl game. That is ridiculous.

The Cotton Bowl features number three Notre Dame against number to Clemson. We’ve been telling you all year the Irish are overrated. They do have talent on both sides of the ball and they deserve to be in the college football playoff. That is the system. Unfortunately, they don’t have talent of the Tigers.

Give coach Dabo Swinney Credit for going to freshman Trevor Lawrence early as his quarterback. He recognized the potential of the development of his quarterback to an elite status. He is currently right there. They also have four first round draft choices on their defensive line. Expect Clemson to win this game going away unless the Irish can get some Tiger turnovers.

We will be going to the Orange bowl where No. 1 Alabama is a 14-point favorite over No. 4 Oklahoma. The Sooners has one of the worst defenses perhaps in the history of the college football playoff which is five years. They also have one of the best offenses in the history of the college football playoff. You know they have Heisman Trophy winner Kyler Murray at quarterback. Unfortunately for them, they must face a team like the Crimson Tide. They need to outscore opponents not physically manhandle them. It’s going to be a tough task. Hopefully, it will be close for a half.

Either way, both these games are going to need major surprises for the underdog to prevail.