Michigan should be number 2.

The CFP Poll is out and there are no big surprises in the first four. No. 1 is Alabama, No. 2 Clemson, No. 3 Notre Dame, followed by No. 4 Michigan. There can be no debate who is number one or even number two. We already told you in our poll, the Irish are number seven. We think Irish have no business being included in the elite top four teams. Speaking of true “elite” teams, there is only one right now and that is the Crimson Tide. As a matter fact, the team we like at number two is Michigan. They are playing the best football of any team out there except for Alabama. It’s just that simple.

Unfortunately, our poll doesn’t count for anything unless of course, you are not persuaded by team reputations or past performance or conference affiliations. This is an unbiased view. We watch the games, every game. That’s the best test. Give a team a chance to improve during the year. A loss in September should not count as much as a loss on the final day of the season. A good loss should count more than an unimpressive win. But that is the system we have, and it is a flawed one. We deal with that imperfection and we look at the rankings and we certainly have no major issue with the first four of the CFP selected except for Notre Dame. Certainly, I would put Georgia Oklahoma and West Virginia ahead of the Irish. Time will tell. We vindicated ourselves last year.

We were vindicated in the BCS era when undefeated Notre Dame thought they could play with Alabama in the National Championship game. I left that game in the third quarter. Your Irish fans must remember? It was in beautiful sunny Florida; Everyone was so excited, and the game had so much hype. It was a complete dud. Notre Dame was an imposter. They are in imposter this year as well. I could always change my opinion because they still have three games to play. We’ll be watching all three and may be at two of them in person. Our mind is wide open.

The CFP committee has George at No. 5, No. 6 Oklahoma, and then LSU at No. 7 followed by Washington State at No. 8. These are the first four teams out? Why is LSU number seven? They have the best resume, but they did look in ordinary Saturday against Bama. Why not West Virginia? Because they’re not a blue blood program. It’s called SEC bias and if things go right, why can’t they move up three spots to qualify? As a matter fact if, Georgia somehow beats Alabama in the SEC title game, and the Tide give them any kind of a game, expect them to be in the final four. There are still games to be played including Oklahoma at West Virginia but both must win out to have a chance. To do that, they’ll need to defeat the other, probably twice—-the second being on the Big 12 Championship. Don’t be fooled by Wazzou at No. 8. They have no chance unless others falter big time.

This writer thinks only conference champions should qualify but the SEC has too much juice; it’s just that simple. The CFP attempts to identify the best teams four teams using several factors. Don’t be fooled. They may try their best but if one of those teams is Notre Dame, an SEC member, or a school from the conference of influence and affluence (The Big Ten), the preferential treatment begins.


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