The Tide At number five is a complete joke and an embarrassment.

As we wait for the release of the college football playoff poll today, it is becoming increasingly clear who has a chance to finish in the top four and who doesn’t. The first five are easy. Number one will be LSU, followed by Ohio State, Clemson, Georgia and Alabama. The Tide At number five is a complete joke and an embarrassment. Not only have they not beat a ranked team the entire year, they also lost their starting quarterback Tua Tagovailoa for the year and the committee is supposed to be consider that in it decision-making. Instead, they consider reputation.

It gets a little interesting at number six, but we feel confident and comfortable that Utah for now will be there as their only loss was to Southern Cal and they basically have run the table in the PAC 12. If they defeat Oregon in the championship game, things could get interesting. However, if Alabama defeats Auburn on Saturday, anyone one loss champion will have difficulty surpassing the Tide because of SEC bias.

There is a possibility at number seven of Oklahoma, which has not played well lately but are there as the next one loss team. Personally, I have always liked the Sooners, but they have been fortunate the last two weeks against TCU and Iowa State. Still, they have some solid victories and again name recognition. There is also the possibility they may jump to number six ahead of Utah as well, But I don’t think it will be this week. No matter, BEDLAM is on Saturday and they are playing a ranked Oklahoma State Cowboy team in Stillwater. Keep on winning and they will pass Utah. Passing Bama is another story.

Number eight should be interesting as well but with their victory at Northwestern, I think Minnesota will be here. The Golden Gophers still control their own destiny with a win against Wisconsin and Ohio State in the Big Ten championship and will assure them of being in the playoff.

So, who is getting screwed? Well, right now first prize goes to Baylor. Baylor has run the table except for a lost at home to Oklahoma by three points. Yet, I don’t expect them to be in the top 10. They have played a weak non-conference schedule but Bama’s by comparison is worse. They do play Texas this week, but Texas is now 6-5 and having a miserable season. Texas is lost right now. Then there is next week when they will probably play Oklahoma in a rematch for the Big 12 title. Win that game and tell me why they shouldn’t be ranked ahead of Alabama if they have avenged their only loss?

What would really be interesting is if an undefeated Ohio State team lost to a one loss Minnesota in the Big Ten championship and Georgia defeated LSU in the SEC championship. Clemson is in as long as they win and if they do lose either to South Carolina on Saturday or in the ACC championship, they are done. Don’t expect it, however. That scenario would mean Georgia would be in and so are Minnesota and Clemson. So, who is at #4? A one loss LSU or a one loss Ohio State both who did not win their conference? Or is it a one loss Oklahoma or a one loss Utah who did win their conference? That’s why the system is so imperfect and so unfair. And that’s why I would love to see that exact scenario happened. Chaos would bring change.


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