What teams can spoil the show?

First, there’s No. 11 Kentucky which has only lost to Texas A&M. Their offense has been atrocious, and they’ve been very fortunate to win some close games including last Saturday, scoring their lone touchdown on the final play to beat Missouri, 15-14. They looked inept offensively almost the entire game. This week, they play Georgia at home in the biggest game in years for the Wildcats. Nobody expects them to win but who expected them to be 7-1? They have a solid defense. Georgia is just on a different level; all that talent and smart preparation will make this the most difficult game of the season for the Wildcats.

No. 10 Washington State is the Pac 12s only chance to be in the CFP. It’s simple. First, they need to win out and then hope most teams ahead of them falter. They also must overcome the conference’s 1-8 bowl record last year. That’s a lot to ask for. If you’ve watched them, they have a solid offense but just allow too many points. They’ll need a miracle.

Then there’s No. 12 West Virginia at 6-1. Their schedule is backloaded and starts this week with an away game at Texas. They have a loss at a quality Iowa State, but their defense has looked suspect. Obviously, they need to win out which includes defeating Oklahoma the day after Thanksgiving and probably again in the Big 12 Championship game.

Remember Michigan must play Ohio State in an elimination game. The SEC championship game could be an elimination game as well if there are two one loss teams. But what happens if Alabama loses this week and LSU wins out and plays a one loss team in the championship game? Alabama is on the sidelines for the second time in two years. Do they make the CFP like last year? It will be a much tougher climb if Notre Dame is undefeated and but what about if Notre Dame and/or Clemson lost. Again, exactly what happened last year to Clemson when they lost to unranked Pitt. They secured their place by handily beating highly ranked Miami in the ACC Championship. There is no team like Miami for Clemson to play in the championship, so it says here they need to win out. Same with Notre Dame. If either loses, look out again for a second SEC team. In fact, if LSU nearly beats Bama this week and wins out but Bama’s only loss is to Georgia in the SEC Championship game, you could have three SEC teams if there are upsets in the Big 12, Big 10 and Notre Dame. Probably not a likely scenario but something to mention.

As for Central Florida, no chance. Just too much politics going on.

Tomorrow we’ll see what the CFP committee thinks and they’re the only ones who count anyway. Let’s hope they understand a good loss can be better than a bad win. It’s never been that way, but it would be a refreshing change. Don’t bet on it.


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