College football coaching carousel.

Lots of news coming forward in the area of coaching.

Paul Johnson of Georgia Tech decided to call it quits after 11 seasons. He was one of the few coaches in college football to use the option centered offense, commonly referred to as the wishbone. Very rarely did his team throw the ball. However, they regularly led the nation in rushing. On the field, he had some success going to many bowl games but never bringing Georgia Tech back to the national discussion. Personally, Georgia Tech has not been the same since the great Bobby Dodd coached that team in the 60s. They were one of the highest ranked programs in college football every year. They had a decent run in the 70s as well but for the last 28 years since they want to share of the national championship in 1990, they just have not had a degree of success they once had. This is the school that sits in the most fertile grounds for recruiting, a population center of well over 6 million people. They are the college football show. Why can’t this team compete at the highest level? That is for the next coach.

USC is retaining coach Clay Helton, but many assistant coaches were let go. There is now an opening for the offensive coordinator in rumor is that ex-Texas Tech coach Cliff Kingsbury will be the new Trojan offense of coordinator. That makes sense. Kingsberry is an offensive genius who was way over his head on the defense of side of the ball and as they say in life, do what you do best. It is it, know your limitations?

One week ago, Coach Jeff Brohm Purdue, who has been there just two years, talked about how he wanted to stay at the University. Just days later, he is meeting with the athletic director at Louisville to talk about the coaching vacancy there. This is classic. Why does this happen every year? Money. You see, there is no loyalty in college football. Or college basketball for that matter. Coaches are routinely sold to the highest better. Many times, even if they do not leave, they are interviewing for another job so that they can restructure their own contract at the school they are at and get a significant pay raise. That’s the world we live in now. As for Brohm, he announced that he was staying at Purdue and turning down his alma mater where he played. Give him credit for that. I am not certain if Purdue gave him a pay raise to sweeten the pot, but we’ll keep an eye on that. I wish he didn’t interview with the Cardinals in the first place because you create a sense of leverage or interest on his part in leaving. For the Boilermakers, no matter what the circumstances, we are glad he’s staying. Unfortunately, people were not so happy at Trinity high school in Louisville, Kentucky, where a Brohm graduated. A threat was made, and the school has closed what classes and Thursday. This is the world we live in?

With the debate over who gets into the college football playoff in full gear, it comes as no surprise to this writer that fans and the media as well as other powerful people our encouraging the college football playoff to be expanded from eight teams. That would be great, and we wrote about that before, but this contract is until 2026 if this is going to happen earlier then it’s going to require a change in the format, a change in the bowl structure and a change in the current contract. The last change is the biggest obstacle because that one is all about money. We shall see. Right now, I thought nothing will happen anytime soon.


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