Lost seasons, damaged programs.

The fallout continues at Maryland where Chairman of the Board of Regents James Brady resigned for his role in reinstating then coach DJ Durkin. We told you those who were complicit in this reinstatement should be held accountable and it took one day for the leader to offer his resignation. Hopefully, dominos will follow. Today, it was also reported there was internal fighting between players who supported Durkin and those who told of the alleged toxic culture. What a unified locker room that must be.

What a horrible season it is been so far for so many national programs. Start with Nebraska where they are 2-6 but have a two-game winning streak. USC is 4-4 after losing to Arizona State. Florida State is 4-4 and UCLA is 2-6. What has happened to these teams so quickly.

For Florida State, the talent is all there but there is something indeed missing. Is it coaching? Motivation? Preparation? Or is it that they just quit last Saturday according to head coach Willie Taggart.

For USC, the talent is all there as well but there is also something missing. Sure, they have injuries and a freshman quarterback, but they line up every Saturday with a team loaded with four star and five-star talent. This week, athletic director Lynne Swann announced a vote of confidence for Coach Clay Helton. That, of course, is usually the kiss of death. He either wins or he’s gone.

For UCLA, there is some talent but there appears to be a culture developing which is uninspiring, a lack of intensity and just no confidence. That’s starts at the top with the coach Chip Kelly. His magic at Oregon has not been observed at Westwood. Plus, it’s not that they’re losing, it’s the way they lose. Completely uncompetitive.

Finally, there is Nebraska, where there is talent missing. That will change. In three years, Nebraska will be contending for division championships. There’re just too many resources, too much history and too much faith in Coach Scott Frost to give up on this. That may not be the case with the previous schools.

Speaking of which, Bobby Petrino of Louisville is gone. Whether it happens next week or the end of the season, they will pay his buyout and move on. He still is owed a boatload of money, so I have no worries for his financial future. Louisville needs to start over not only with the coach but also with the naming of their stadium which at one time was Papa John’s.

Oklahoma running back Rodney Anderson who has been out for the season since the third game announced he will not be coming back next year after a season ending injury, clearing him to get ready for the NFL. You can’t blame him; this is the second time he has missed almost an entire season. He’d like to get a chance as a professional to earn the big bucks before people start questioning his health.

Big news out of Oxford, Mississippi where Ole Miss won its appeal with the NCAA. They were going to be restricted significantly to having on site recruits. Instead, they will compete on an equal level with other teams which routinely have recruits visit the campus for on-site visits. Their bowl ban remains.


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