2 Days to go – Let’s RANT!

It’s still preseason. We’ve looked at teams, coaches and players. You already know our final four and who won’t win it. However, like I always tell you, not one game has been played.

Today, we do some more ranting.

I was a little surprised Kelly Bryant held off Trevor Lawrence at Clemson for the starting quarterback job. I still think that won’t be permanent and if the Tigers want to win it all, Bryant’s play must improve significantly. Lawrence will get a lot of time as well in the opener against the Paladins of Furman. Another Mercy Game. Well come back to them after the third game at Texas A & M.

What happened at Nebraska? Freshman Adrian Martinez wins the starting quarterback job by a nose and after congratulating him, redshirt freshman Trevor Gebbia, calls it quits and is transferring. Wow. What a competitor. Remember, with the new NCAA rules, he could still stay for up to four games and he would not have lost a year of eligibility. But Gebbia is another highly recruited quarterback who subscribes to the theory “if I’m not playing, I’m not staying” and bolted.

Remember transfer linebacker Santino Marchiol who left Texas A & M for Arizona and then accused the Aggies and their coaches of violating NCAA rules with secret practices and money given to current players to entertain recruits? Well, he just got booted by coach Kevin Sumlin. Sumlin didn’t say specifically why but it appears obvious that it was due to a racial slur in describing a black teammate on a video posted on social media. Who will ever take a chance on him now remains to be seen.

Haven’t hear anything lately on Meyergate except to tell you ESPN’s Paul Finebaum, told listeners he thinks this will be Meyer’s last year. Why? Because “when he’s under the gun, he bails”. He’s right. That’s Meyers’ history at Florida and we told you his legacy will forever be tarnished.

Still no decision in Alabama on who their starting quarterback will be. I think Saban is trying to appease both players at least early in the year, but he will have to declare a permanent starter at some point. My prediction is he names one of them a starter just for the opener declaring to the media, “I know all you people want to think more of this than what it is, but it’s only one game and we evaluate ALL our players after every game, so nobody’s ever guaranteed a starting position”. Sounds good, anyway.

Another day goes by and Maryland head coach DJ Durkin still has not been fired.

I still think Nebraska, Arkansas, and Florida, all unranked, will surprise you with their competitiveness and be bowl teams this year. On the other hand, Mississippi State is overrated, and Iowa is in trouble.

You only go as far as your quarterback will take you. At least that’s how some see it in football. I agree the quarterback position is the most important one on the field. This year there just aren’t that many elite quarterbacks returning. No way there will be five NFL first round draft choices out there that we can identify right now. Players will emerge and develop. We just don’t know who right now. How quickly they develop and emerge will determine a team’s fate. Remember, just two losses and you’re probably out of contention for a CFP birth. That’s why there are three huge games this weekend because three of twenty teams I think at least have a chance to win it all, are already guaranteed a loss because they play each other. Like I say all the time, the regular season of college football is its own playoff. Tomorrow, we look at Thursday’s games.



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