A few good teams.

What we learned yesterday was that there are only a handful of elite teams. Certainly, there is Alabama, followed by Georgia, Ohio State and maybe Clemson. After that, take your pick.

Oklahoma? I love the Sooners, but they should have put 50 up on Army instead of escaping 28-21 in overtime. They could not stop the Black Knights from running plays. They converted on 4 of 4 fourth downs and controlled the ball. Their defensive line showed again that they don’t have the tools to stop an exceptional running team even one they outweighed by at least 50 pounds a man.

Auburn and LSU both won their games against inferior opponents but looked uninterested.

Washington? They were fortunate to escape Arizona State 27-20 at home. Another unimpressive showing by the Huskies.

We thought Stanford was better than they showed against Oregon. We know David Shaw is one of the best coaches in the country who does its year in and year out the right way. The Cardinal had no business winning this game. They were thoroughly outplayed and manhandled. What do we always tell you is the number one statistic to look at first? Turnovers. They killed the Ducks. That is something you just cannot predict. A gut-wrenching loss for the Ducks.

Same thing for the Iowa Hawkeyes, who showed again they don’t know how to win in clutch time in a big game. Iowa, which got no respect before the season started, remains in the shadows of the top 25. For once, quarterback Scott Hornibrook of Wisconsin was consistent and confident. He didn’t throw a lot of yardage, but he didn’t throw an interception.

How many bad games were there in the afternoon yesterday? Nebraska gets slaughtered by Michigan. Clemson, West Virginia, Ohio State, Alabama, Notre Dame and others all were over by half time.

Then there is Virginia Tech, playing a team, Old Dominion, that have not won a game this year and have only been playing at the FBS level for five years. The Hokies spent more time talking trash than playing football. They couldn’t stop Old Dominion and lost 49-35. It looked like a different team, one just not motivated for the game. They deserve their destiny. They’re done. It also appeared they lost their star sophomore quarterback, Josh Jackson, to a serious ankle injury. Don’t kid yourself, Old Dominion deserved to win the game.

Went five and five thanks to the Hawkeyes meltdown. Finished up three units winning two out of three house picks but losing one lock. We are now at +3 units for the season. There are just two big games next week. Penn State hosts Ohio State and Notre Dame entertains Stanford. Outside of Ohio State, the other three teams have been inconsistent in their first four games. Not sure which one we should cover live because we don’t know which team will show up. Right now, your guess is as good as mine.


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