Everyone is still talking about…

First, let’s get the action on the field out-of-the-way. UCLA is at Stanford (-5). Both teams are probably not going to have their starting quarterbacks. In fact, Stanford may not have a second-string quarterback as well. But UCLA give up on it. Coach, it’s alumni and it’s been a long time ago. Chip Kelly of the Bruins is just waiting to get fired. His athletic director isn’t leaving until June so that probably won’t happen until the end of the year at the earliest. It’s a disgrace what is happened to the UCLA football program. This is the lock. Five units on the cardinal to cover.

Everyone is still talking about Georgia’s upset loss to South Carolina. They should be. The Bulldogs had no business losing that game on their home turf. But they are not out of it, although they clearly probably must run the table to be in the college football playoff.

Another team with one loss from the SEC is Auburn. Auburn and Georgia both play each other. But before that the, Tigers have LSU and Georgia has Florida. So that is one of the inequalities of the SEC. They play each other every year while Alabama gets Tennessee. What a joke.

Speaking of which, Alabama plays Tennessee on the third Saturday in October. That would be this Saturday. This year it is at Tennessee. It doesn’t matter. The volunteers having won in 11 years and the Tide are 35-point favorites. Wouldn’t it be nice to see Alabama play somebody else on the third Saturday in October?

The Baylor Bears I know are No. 18 in AP poll. The poll has been and always will be a joke because most of the writers do not see all the games, there are inherent biases says and many have allegiances. That’s been the history of the AP.

Still three weeks to go until the only rankings that count, college football poll is released on November 5th. Problem with the rankings among many others is that it does matter where you start. Before there ever was a CFP Poll, it was very difficult not to be ranked and not finish undefeated in order to win a national championship. Almost every champion was already ranked in the top preseason 10 before they even started. The higher you begin the less you fall. That’s why a playoff is truly the only way to obtain a legitimate champion. But it does matter where you start. That’s why a playoff is truly the only way to obtain a legit of a champion. Although that is true, until the conferences begin to overlap with conference play instead of inviting FCS teams to play home games that don’t even matter, we will never have a true champion.

Did you see where Texas A&M announced they will not allow any sponsorship for Kyle Field. Typically, that would bring about $3 million a year. That’s a lot of money. At least it is to both schools. The Aggies pulled 212 million last year. At the same time, they said they look at every dollar. Yeah, right.

Alabama’s defense of Antonio Alfano has formally put his name in the transfer portal. Alfano had stopped going to class and this was not an anticipated. It was a four-star recruit for the Tide.

A little quiz for you. Name the five largest college football venues in terms of total attendance capacities? The answer in tomorrow’s column. So

The only undefeated non-power five team left is Boise State. They are 6-0 but ranked just No. 14 in the country. There is little or no chance the college football playoff will ever allow non-power five team to play in its playoff. How sad.


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