It was a crazy week 4.

It was a crazy week 4. As we expected, Southern Cal defeated Utah, 30-23, but they did it with a third string quarterback Matt Fink.

In the biggest game of the day, we made it to Athens, Georgia to see Notre Dame play the Georgia Bulldogs. These are two programs that rarely play each other, one an independent that shies away from great competition and the other an SEC team that believes its conference provides sufficient competition. The game had everything, pageantry, excitement, expectation and of course, right. The Bulldogs were a big favorite, but somebody forgot to tell the Irish. In fact, Notre Dame acquitted themselves very well of this game. They were physical, fast and disciplined for most of the game. They had a chance to win it when they received the ball back in Georgia territory down by six with two minutes to go. Unfortunately, they weren’t smart. Something happened to Coach Brian Kelly’s game calling which was outstanding until the final drive. With no timeouts, what about Ian Book completes two passes totaling 5 yards and the Irish went from having a lot of time to rushing it. Still, as a two-touchdown underdog, it was an exciting game and they did have a chance to win it as they drove to the Georgia 38-yard line. George’s defense saved them. The next question is, is it a good loss? The quick answer is no. Why? Because Notre Dame is not in the conference and plays its usual weak schedule. Any conference champion in the power five with two losses will have a much better chance with their resume. Right now, Notre Dame’s only ranked teams remaining on the schedule are USC and Michigan. See below in Michigan.

First, you must ask what is going on at Michigan? A team with numerous blue chips on both sides of the ball, they were no match for Wisconsin, losing 35-14. It wasn’t even that close with Wisconsin with a 35 to nothing. A total embarrassment. Humiliation. How many mulligans is coach Jim Harbaugh are going to receive? I still don’t feel the heat is on and it should be very hot in Ann Arbor. This guy has not turned the program around to where it was and where it wants to be. He must be held accountable whether he’s a Michigan alum or not. At least try and wear something besides those khakis on the sideline which have become outdated and no longer an attire emulated by Wolverine fans. Harbaugh’s time at Michigan is ticking and he knows it.

Yes, I stayed up late to see UCLA come back from a 49-17 deficit in the third quarter and defeat Washington state 67-63. This gave new meaning to the word collapse. I am a big fan of Mike Leach and always have been. But the one thing that has prevented him from going to the next level is his defense. They were completely disorganized and yet, still had chances to win. A late fumble cost them the game. The reality is Washington state never deserved their ranking. Mike Leach is an offensive genius but when you lose a game like this and in this fashion, you still must be held accountable. Leach brought energy and interest to a program that was at the dearth of college football. What’s not to love about him? It still does not provide an excuse for this pathetic result. It does, however, give him shade.

Did you see the end of the Cal Mississippi game? Mississippi, trailing, 28-20, was threatening inside the ten-yard line and a pass was caught right around the goal line in the final seconds. The official on the play did not signal a touchdown and the replay booth upstairs did not request a stoppage to look at the play. The following and last play the rebels tried a quick run and were stopped. Replay showed the receiver may have broken the plane, but it was too late. That’s what happens when you have officials both on the field and in the world, who are chosen just by their ability and merit but also by a number of other factors. Don’t kid yourselves, politics plays a major role in everything including what individuals are chosen to officiate college football. Yeah, these were PAC12 officials since Cal was the road team which only beds another question about their impartiality. You may see neutral officiating crews when there are two teams from different conferences in the future. Especially after this result. The PAC 12 came out today and said the officials were right and that replays showed it to be inconclusive. What the PAC 12 should’ve said was that the referees were wrong and should’ve gone to the replay and stop the game. Anything else doesn’t matter. They don’t get it. How you don’t stop the most critical play at the most critical time of the game is the question? Even the PAC 12, after having an opportunity to digest it for two days fails to see the egregious breach of irresponsibility by their own instant replay officials. Those officials in the booth should be suspended for the rest of the season. Even a five-year-old would’ve known it was so close a play and should have been reviewed immediately. No second-guessing, just obvious. The conspiracy continues today with the conference’s announcement.

How happy is North Carolina that they hired Mack Brown back now? The heart heals lost to Appalachian State, 34-31. Speaking of which, how about going home for Dana Holgerson of Houston. They blew a big lead against Tulane and lost boy they are now 1-3. Congratulations on the Cougar administration for paying all that money for a guy who has no loyalty and more importantly is coaching a team which is not playing up to its potential. For Holgerson, who embraced a “10-win standard” at Houston, it doesn’t matter, he got his extra million a year for upwards of $20 million. That’s all it was about.

Arkansas lost to San Jose State, 31-24 at home. Another SEC team that has shown nothing for years. The conference has two divisions whose champions play each other for the championship. What they should do this year is have two divisions for the haves and the have nits. Arkansas, Mississippi, Missouri, Tennessee, South Carolina, and Vanderbilt are some of the worst teams in the country. However, the Auburn Tigers were impressive in their 28-20 road win against Texas A&M. Quarterback Bo Nix played smart and consistent in a difficult environment. The Tigers deserve their number seven ranking


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