Revenue drives the early return of College Football.

College football season starts five days earlier than usual and what’s the reason? Money. Today, the Miami-Florida game was moved to accommodate Primetime television. The two teams will battle at a neutral site in Orlando. Expect Florida to have a heavy home-field advantage. Before we get to that game let’s talk about what happened in the off-season.

The big news is how far quarterbacks will travel. Jalen hurts left Alabama for Oklahoma. Justin Fields will be playing for Ohio State instead of Georgia and Kelly Bryant has moved from Clemson to Missouri. The reason they all left was because they weren’t going to play.

Speaking of playing, another former five-star Georgia quarterback is now eligible to play for the Washington Huskies. His name is Jacob Eason and he was basically the best freshman in the SEC three years ago. But he was injured at the beginning of the 2017 season and his replacement was a freshman, Jake Fromm. All Fromm did was led the Bulldogs to the NCAA championship game. There was no question he would be the starter last year and Eason saw the handwriting on the wall, so he left. Yesterday, he was named the starter for the Huskies. Expect them to be very good.

It’s great to see Urban Meyer was able to return to broadcasting as a color commentator for fox sports. Here’s a guy who embarrassed college football with his lack of integrity during the Zack Smith scandal. But it wasn’t just that, so many of his players have ended up with criminal charges against them over the years both at Florida and Ohio State. Yes, he’s an exceptional coach. But it’s also true is that he lacks character.

Nebraska wins 9 games this year. You heard it here first.

Auburn loses five games this year and Florida State, which is not ranked for the third time in almost 40 years, spiraling downward quickly. I think both Coach Gus Mulzahn of the tigers and Willie Taggart of the Seminoles will have to contend for a league championship to have any chance of staying on. Don’t worry about either of them, however, they are due tens of millions of dollars guaranteed.

Back to the Florida-Miami game. The Gators are a seven-point favorite. They are now coached by Manny Diaz, who was an assistant last year before taking the job at Temple, being introduced and just weeks later, after Coach Mark Richt resigned as head coach at Miami, left Temple to return as head coach. To some, this sounds like a great story. To this writer it sounds like a con job.

Anyway, Florida has the experience at quarterback as well as the skill positions and Miami is still trying to get back to the National spotlight. Give the seven points up for four units.

The other night game is Arizona at Hawaii. I have no idea why they are playing this game so early. The buy in for this game is around $10 so if you can afford the plane ticket to Hawaii, I would encourage you to attend. I would expect the place to be empty. Anyway, the Wildcats coached by Kevin Sumlin in his second season at Arizona and comes off a 5-7 2018 record. Sumlin continues to live off his accomplishments when Johnny Manziel was his quarterback. He hasn’t been able to regain the magic since Johnny football left. No opinion on this game. Just that that it will be sunny that day.

It’s great to be back, we finished 32 units ahead last year and will be writing columns on a consistent basis each week. We will Preview the power five conference is this week and discuss upcoming games as the real season gets underway on Thursday. Stay close.