Who got fired and who is not going bowling?

Larry Fedora was fired at North Carolina and that wasn’t news after the Tar Heels finished at 3-9. But the news that the new coach would be former North Carolina coach Mack Brown was big news. Why? Because he’s been out of the game announcing it for the past five years. Brown left North Carolina years ago for greener and richer pastures to coach the University of Texas. Bigger job, lots of resources and a huge pay raise. North Carolina after all is a basketball school first. While at Texas, Brown won a national championship and the Longhorns competed for championships annually. Then the boat started to sink after quarterback Vance Young left for the NFL, He had some success, but things were never the same and ultimately, he was forced out. Many Texas fans thought they needed new blood. Of course, it got worse after that. Brown was named to the College Football Hall of Fame and it was thought his coaching career was over. But someone else’s garbage is another man’s treasure. Well, maybe not the best analogy. Brown, 67, appears to be well liked by everyone. But going back to coach in college? Where did that come from? Obviously, Brown burnt no bridges at NC and is welcomed back. But his apex as a coach was fifteen years ago. We hope he finds the fountain of youth and turns the Carolina program around. A questionable hire and it says here Brown know it and wants to prove the skeptics wrong. Good luck!

How about the Florida State Seminoles? They’re not going bowling for the first time in 37 years. The fan base is up in arms. They just got blown out by their arch enemy, the University of Florida, 41-14. At home! Coach Willie Taggart, who had a losing record when he was hired last year, was the subject matter of racism. Apparently, a Seminole fan sent out a racist picture about Taggart on social media. That person was ultimately identified and tired immediately. The next question is what to do with this team? It was fighting along the sidelines. The team looked totally unprepared again. And most of all, Taggart looks like he’s over his head. He’s got a guaranteed five-year contract and many fans think by having him stay, the Seminoles will merely be losing at least another year. Personally, I think the program is in trouble and there are high expectations every year by the fan base. Remember what happened to Bobby Bowden? Remember Jumbo Fisher left after one year of disappointment? It’s a tough place to coach when you lose and the 22 million that Taggart is owed is nothing more than a fundraiser. It looks like he survives at least this year, but that program is in trouble from recruiting all the way to its on and off the field performance.

We told you Texas Tech should fire Cliff Kingsbury and the next day they did. Who is going to get that job? There is talk that Dana Holgerson of West Virginia might be interested. That would be a sad event for Mountaineer fans if he leaves. Evidently, Holgerson has lots of contacts in Texas and he is showing an ability to compete, at least offensively at West Virginia in the tough Big 12. West Virginia is not an easy place to recruit especially since all its conference games or 1000 miles away. The West Virginia fan base, however, is the best there is and unconditionally supportive.

They’re still talking about the humiliating 62-39 shellacking Ohio State put on Michigan. The word is coach Jim Harbaugh climbed a tree after the game, something he hadn’t done since 2016 when he did that in front of a recruit.

Coach Clay Helton kept his job at USC. After 5-7 season and a team that looked uninspired for most of the year, I just don’t understand this. Neither do Trojan fans. They rented an airplane which flew a message to the crowd at the Colosseum for the Notre Dame game urging the administration to fire him. The word as to why he’s staying? Money. His buyout is huge. But this is USC. Makes no sense. Unless of course, Helton turns it around next year