Who got fired? Who’s in trouble? And did you hear…

This week we saw Arkansas fire it’s head coach Chad Morris after he went 4-18. Morris had lost the locker room, his players, the fans and most of all the media. The Razorbacks are in a tough spot. They play in the SEC West, compete with Alabama Auburn Texas A&M to LSU every year. Personally, they are making a lot more money even if they stayed in the Big 12 but they sacrificed their competitiveness in the SEC. I hope they enjoy cashing their checks.

Another rumor of the week was Gus Mulzahn of Auburn leaving to take that Arkansas job. Mulzahn has ties to Arkansas, but why would he leave after signing a seven-year $49 million contract in 2017? He wouldn’t. He will be going from a program that regularly competes to one that is just dying to go to a bowl game. Does that make any sense? Of course, like many other coaches, he may use just the fact that Arkansas might be interested as leverage to sign extension for more money. That’s what all coaches do when there’s interest from another university. It’s terrible.

It looks like Michigan State is in trouble again this year. They are 4-5 and play Michigan tomorrow. But that’s not the only story. Coach Mike Dantonio, who resurrected this program and made a college football playoff just a few short years ago, has seen his stock sink tremendously as the Spartans are in danger of not making a bowl for the second time in three years. The great thing for him is that he has job security, a six-year rollover contract that ends in 2023 with 30+ million due. So, it is highly unlikely the administration has anywhere to go. However, he has been criticized on and off the field and there are rumblings in East Lansing.

Speaking of ex-coaches, since Willis Taggart was fired at Florida State, the Seminoles recruiting class has seen several commitments renege. That’s what happens when you fire the head coach they expect to play for. However, I think in the long run the Seminoles will be much better with their new coach, whoever that is.

With three weeks to go in the season, it appears obvious to all that quarterback Joe Burrow of LSU is the front runner for the Heisman. I think the best NFL ready player is Wisconsin’s running back Jonathan Taylor at but what Burrow has done for LSU ‘s offense is truly remarkable. Remember, the winner of the Heisman almost always is awarded to a player on a dominant team. Of course, unless you’re Paul Hornung of Notre Dame when the Irish finished a miserable 2-8 in 1955 and he won the Heisman. To say that was controversial is an understatement.

Staying with the coaching scene, there are rumblings at South Carolina this could be Will Muschamp’s last year. While the Gamecocks defeated Georgia at Georgia, they are unlikely to go to a bowl game again. Muschamp under-performed at Florida and now he’s under-performing at South Carolina. Muschamp got the dreaded vote of confidence from athletic director Ray Tanner after losing last week to Appalachian State. It says here he will be out. It also says here that his reactions on the sideline and his comments at the podium have been overzealous at best and unprofessional at worst.

How can you not be happy for the Minnesota Golden gophers? They are now ranked number eight after defeating Penn State last week. Coach TJ Fleck cashed in with a huge seven year extension on his contract that includes the usual benefits a huge salary increase, use of a private plane, sweet and bonuses for almost everything he accomplishes and also included a buyout clause just in case somebody else wants to give him more money. Use the leverage while you have it.

After 273 consecutive games, Notre Dame will not have a sellout for tomorrow’s game against number 23 Navy. How sad. This is one of the reasons the Irish should be in a conference. They are not playing a poor in the Navy team, but nobody seems to be interested. In fact, next week they play at home against poor Boston College and that game does not look like a sellout. Notre Dame will now have a streak going in the wrong direction. The University of Nebraska continue to have a long history at 373 and counting. This has been extended with a lot of giveaways especially considering the difficult seasons at Lincoln the last 15 years and counting.


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