The Heisman Trophy.

Tomorrow marks one of the biggest days of sports as it relates to award ceremony. The Heisman Trophy, given to the football player who is recognized as the best football player of that particular year is set to be announced tomorrow night in New York City. Historically, the award is given to an offense player, usually a quarterback or running back. The last two years the award has been given to Oklahoma quarterbacks, Baker Mayfield and Kyle Murray.

This year the four finalists are three quarterbacks in the defense of end. Quarterback Joe Burrow of LSU is the favorite. The other finalists are Quarterback Justin Fields of Ohio State, quarterback Jalen Hurts of Oklahoma and defensive end Chase Young of Ohio State. They heavy favorite here is Burrow.

This is not a reflection of the other finalists, but Burrow has changed the culture at LSU. Not only has he raised his level of play, he has raised the level of play of his entire team. They are the number one team in the country going into the college football playoff and deservedly so. They have played a solid schedule and have an unblemished record at 12-0. Fields and Hurts also have had special seasons and deserve recognition but cannot be compared to what Burrow has done at LSU. In fact, some of the plays he has made a regular chiding acts and constantly making big plays at key times in their games. It seems like every third and long Burrow has come through with a big play. His completion percentage is nearly 78% is unheard of with the way the Tigers throw the ball. Chase Young is an exceptional defense of end it will do well in the NFL. But he has no chance as a defensive player. The last defensive player to win the Heisman was Charles Woodson of Michigan, a cornerback who won it in 1997. The thought here is that Burrow may win it by the largest margin of any Heisman Trophy winner. If he doesn’t win it, there needs to be a federal investigation. The other interesting thing if note is that Burrow will be the third straight transfer to win the Heisman. He played at Ohio State before transferring to LSU. His coach was Urban Meyer who usually is a good judge of talent. This one he completes whiffed on.


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