Let’s Rant – College Football Poll

Since November 5, the College Football Playoff Poll has been released each Tuesday night and by Wednesday morning, there is controversy throughout the country. Now don’t get me wrong, it’s nearly impossible for thirteen people, whether they’re qualified or not, to have a top 25 which everyone agrees on. In truth, it’s the top four which really count because one of those four teams will be the national champion. But there are several rankings which determine who plays in the Big Six bowls with the largest payouts. So, there’s a lot of stake here.

I’m not here to call out any of the thirteen members who determine the rankings. What I am here to tell you is they are all there because of what they’ve accomplished in life or who they are. Some are former coaches or current athletic directors. Some held entirely different positions. What I also can tell you is none of these thirteen took any kind of a “test” to see if they have the knowledge, intellect and understanding to determine if they are qualified for the position. It’s being appointed or selected and hoping, in fact praying, that everyone can account for themselves. Unfortunately, history has proven otherwise.

The SEC, Notre Dame and the Big Ten have been able to manipulate the system by having their blue blood programs get selected even when they haven’t won a conference championship. If that’s the case, let’s eliminate conference championships. In fact, many of the CFP members have the propensity to favor those specific schools in those conferences. Those universities then parlay that preference by scheduling schools outside the power five or even from the FCS. Too many offenders to mention. The reality is any one loss team without a brand name is not going to finish ahead of a one loss blue blood program. That team will need to go undefeated. Look at this week.

Minnesota beat Penn State two weeks ago and is undefeated but lost a tough game against No. 17 Iowa and they are now at No. 10 while Penn State is at No. 8. How does that make any sense? It doesn’t. But Penn State is a blue blood program and Minnesota is, well, ignored and disrespected. They are both 9-1 but the Gophers won the head to head game. That’s just sheer incompetence.

Mike Aresco, the American Athletic Conference Commissioner, this week said there was a “double standard”. You think? Now he’s talking about it from a second-tier perspective, seeing how well some of his teams have performed against power five teams and other non-Power Five teams and then seeing his members ranked behind them. That’s because this is a two-tiered system with the Power Five leagues and the non-Power Five leagues. Even within the Power Five Conferences, there is another tier. The haves and have nots. Whether it’s conscious or subconscious, there is inherent bias and partiality within this system. Bring back the computers. Stop penalizing a team for a tough loss against a competitive opponent. Penalize teams who play FCS teams. And most of all, give greater significance to conferences champions. That might make Notre Dame join a conference, schools stop scheduling glorified scrimmages and instead play more Power Five Schools. The problem is the select few who benefit from this bias do not want to change the system. And why would they? It’s just what college football needs but would require those schools to compromise control. If only the Committee someday chose a “nobody” school of a blue blood in their top four, we’d finally see changes. Unfortunately, in this system, that’s not happening anytime soon. Just ask undefeated Central Florida in 2017.

“The Shreib”

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