Should FBS teams play FCS teams.

The bad news is this is arguably the worst weekend of college football in terms of schedule in recent memory. There is not one top 25 match up. But that’s not the worst of it. It’s another week of complete mismatches. Notre Dame plays New Mexico, LSU plays Northwestern State, Texas A&M plays Lamar, Montana plays Oregon and the list goes on and on and on. This remains a blemish on the state of college football. The networks need to step in and demand that no FBS team play in FCS team. They must step in and change the philosophy which permits two or as many as three games against teams which have no business being on the same field. I’m not talking about Georgia State versus Tennessee. I’m talking about last week’s Murray State at Georgia game or Idaho State at Penn State game. That one player from the FCS team could start for the FBS team. It’s an embarrassment. I know about the old Appalachian State win against Michigan. It’s a one in 100. We can sacrifice the one big upset to forfeit the 99 other blowouts.

Why do I say the networks need to get involved? Because the NCAA does not have the power, and this is only about one thing— money. The networks will pay more money for more quality games but there is no interest. Why, because the power schools would sell out all their games, even the bad ones, stand to lose the most. They’re more concerned with competing for the conference and possible national championships on an annual basis rather than for the good of the game. Yes, I am talking about the upper tier of the SEC, Big 12, Clemson, Notre Dame, etc., all the blue bloods of college football.

The good news, Pitt plays Penn State this week for the 100th time. Perhaps their last time. A great rivalry goes down the tubes so Penn State can play Idaho State. Instead of Texas A & M playing Texas, they play Lamar? How is that good for the game? Anyway, it will be an electrifying atmosphere at Penn State and the legislature, alumni and fans should demand the game be played every year.

There are several intriguing games. Stanford plays at University of Central Florida. USC goes to BYU and the Iowa championship is on the line as Iowa plays at Iowa State.

Anyway, the good news? We’re looking at some games and you can still play those games even though they may not be the most marquee matchups of the year. We will see you tomorrow with our picks for the weekend.


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