The regular season is over. In the end, it was easy.

The regular season is over. In the end, it was easy. The college football playoff picked the only four teams they could. Three were undefeated and Oklahoma at number four was the only one loss champion. So, number one LSU will play Oklahoma and number two Ohio State will play number three Clemson.

Wouldn’t it have been great to see these four teams play each other during the regular season? Of course, it would have. But they never would play that kind of an out of conference schedule, because a loss or two will eliminate them for the playoff. Instead, they play nobodies.

That’s the real problem with the college football playoff— The teams that compete for a berth every year will not play tough competition. Look what happened to Oregon when they lost to Auburn in a close game. There was no way they could recover unless they ran the table and after loss at Arizona State, that was not possible. That’s the same reason that so many rivalries have ended. These were very competitive and difficult games between two very good or even excellent teams. The result was one team had to lose and one team had to win. The logic now is let’s not play them and we can play somebody like Stamford or New Mexico state, etc. That guarantees us a win. That same logic applies to why the ACC it’s SEC only play eight games. If only the committee could see this for what it is, a fraud. Stop penalizing teams for losing to other real good teams in a competitive game. College football is worse off for it and the fact that every team plays 12 games only allows each team to play extra glorified exhibition games.

It’s time to talk about Lane Kiffin. Kiffin signed a 10-year contract extension at Florida Atlantic university in 2018. We told you then he would never last for 10 years and he ended up lasting two. Why? Because Kiffin like a nomad searching for the best possible option. He will go anywhere, from the NFL to the southeast conference to USC and even Florida Atlantic. They were the only ones around then to take a gamble on him. It paid off, I guess, as he stayed a whopping three years. This is the guy who missed bus rides in Alabama. This was the guy who complained about a 7:30 AM meeting at Alabama. This is the guy who was fired one week before the national championship game at Alabama. This is a guy fired on the tarmac by USC after a loss to Arizona State. This is the guy who was fired in a second season as coach of the Oakland Raiders and called a liar by their owner Al Davis. This is the guy who pledged his love for the University of Tennessee and after one year left the volunteers for the Trojans but needed a police escort to get out of town. He is the most polarizing coach in sports. His talent as an offensive coordinator is undeniable. That’s why he’s on his fifth head-coaching job in 12 years. One thing is for sure he will not last five years at Mississippi which just gave him a $21 million contract. Why? Because if it goes bad, it goes bad and he must go. If it goes well, he will leave for a bigger job as he has shown no loyalty to any program. Because if it goes bad, it goes really bad and he must go. If it goes well, he will leave as Lane Kiffin is only concern is his own self-interest. Not the players, not the fans and not his own reputation. His image will immediately create enthusiasm and interest at Ole Miss but in the end, they will be the recipient for his character flaws and past transgressions, one way or the other.


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