Things are unraveling again at Ohio State.

First, the Buckeyes got blown out by Purdue, 49-20 last week, exposing a secondary which tackled poorly and was in complete disarray. Losing can cause problems in other areas as well and it has spread.

Next, Coach Urban Meyer has denied there is any rift between himself and athletic director Gene Smith. However, you may recall Meyer threw Smith under the bus in the Zack Smith investigation when he went public and told anyone who wanted to listen that his athletic director was aware of Zack Smith’s background and the allegations against him. Smith, who was AWOL for almost the entire investigation, did not lose his job but also was suspended.

Now we find out Zack Smith, who had maintained his innocence with respect to an outstanding criminal charge pertaining to an incident with his ex-wife Courtney, accepted a plea deal where he pled guilty to the charge of disorderly conduct and his ex-wife was also awarded a three-year protection order against him. Not bad for a guy who claims he did nothing wrong to his wife. This is the same person that Meyer supported and stood by. Even worse, Smith was gloating through social media that he requested a lifetime restraining order from his ex-wife. The man has no credibility and should go off into the sunset.

More bad news was announced today with wide receiver Austin Mack, who suffered a foot injury and will be out 6 to 8 weeks. He was the Buckeyes’ third leading receiver.

Finally, we pointed out long ago that Meyer just does not look the same on the Ohio State sidelines. His expressions and responses to his players, officials and plays in general appear to be that of a beaten man. ESPN’s Kirk Herbstreet made the same observation during Saturday’s game we made weeks ago. Certainly, I would call him uncomfortable at best and in pain at worst. By pain, I mean emotional and mental pain. It is clear to me, he will not be back no matter what happens with the remainder of the Buckeye season.

I don’t know the why Michigan-Michigan State story will not go away. The Big Ten fined Michigan State $10,000 for their role in the pregame fracas. Probably because coach Mike Dantonio was there and seen laughing. Personally, I would like to hear from Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh about his player Devon Bush’s actions after the dust-up occurred. As you know, he attempted to destroy the Spartan symbol at midfield with his cleats. No word yet on whether Michigan State will be looking to be reimbursed for the cost to repair the damage to the field.

Finally, there is a case called Alston v. the NCAA. You probably never heard of it. But it will have serious implications if the plaintiffs prevail. Shawne Allston was a former running back for West Virginia and center Justin Hartman played at Cal. They contend the NCAA, which limits scholarships and essentially restricts benefits universities may offer their student/athletes, is a violation of the antitrust laws. The position is that each school should be able to offer whatever they want. What a disaster that would be. What would probably happen is that the richest of all would entertain a super league and leave everyone else behind. Where did you read that? You read that here first even before this suit ever became public. Remember, you didn’t just hear it here first you only hurt to hear, period.


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