It was epic.

It was epic. I waited a day to respond because I have been trying to recuperate. The French quarter celebration was ongoing even after I left. LSU’s fourth national championship was a remarkable run. There was not one game all year where the Tigers failed to show up for an entire game. They had their moments but there was not a dud in their run of 15 straight. Hats off to Coach Ed Orgeron and the LSU Tigers who deserve to be the 2020 national champion.

As you know, we called it from the beginning. We thought Clemson was a fraud and frankly, I still can’t figure out how they defeated Ohio State. Quarterback Trevor Lawrence is an excellent player but like any normal quarterback, when they are pressured, and he was pressured during this game. He will face adversity.

The only quarterback special powers in college football this year was Joe borrow. The difference between borough and Lawrence was the difference of the gate. Borrow through for almost 400 yards. He was responsible for all six touchdowns, five passing in one running. Most importantly, he was cool abba up and collective even win the tigers were down 17 to 7. It was the difference maker. He’s the guy you always want on your team it is always your first pick. If you hypothetically switch Lawrence with Barrow, guess what? Clemson wins easily. That’s how significant the disparity was between the quarterbacks. We told you that before happened. We told you LSU was the lock of the decade in the lock of the year. I hope you paid attention.

“The Schreib”

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