Week 6 games revealed some interesting patterns.

No. 7 Auburn’s 24-13 loss to No. 10 Florida showed freshman quarterback Bo Nix and his team aren’t ready for the big time. Florida has a great defense, one of the best in the country. Auburn’s defense is equally as good. But turnovers, missed tackles and just a horrific running game was the Tiger’s demise. Nix played scared and the Tigers got what they deserved. By the way, still not impressed with Florida. We’ll find out about them this week when they travel to No. 5 LSU.

How does No. 15 Washington lose to Stanford, the same team which got slammed by Central Florida? Every year, that team has skilled players at every position and every year they play down a level and lose a game, here 23-13. It’s the second time they’ve done it since losing at home against Cal. I like Coach Chris Petersen but there’s been something missing in a talented Huskie team when they lose games like this.

Is Minnesota any good? It’s time to take note they’re 5-0, but look who’ve they beaten? Finally, a blowout wins against Illinois, 40-17. We’ll find out a little more about them against Nebraska next week, but they’ll be favored at home. The Huskers squeezed out a 13-10 victory against Northwestern on a field goal on the last play of the game. They didn’t look that good again and may have lost their quarterback Adrian Martinez, who again looked lost.

Is No. 10 Penn State any good. Well, they clobbered Purdue, 35-7, at home which they should have but do look impressive. We’ll find out more about them against Iowa on the road this week.

Tennessee just keeps rolling on, looking good for a while before falling to No. 3 Georgia, 43-14. They had their moments but ultimately capitulated.

Speaking of losing, Rutgers continued their trend of getting blown out, this time 48-7 to Maryland at home. But get this. On the day of the game the team found out their starting quarterback Art Sitkowski and running back Raheem Blackshear voluntarily asked not to play because they intended to redshirt and not lose a full year of eligibility by playing in a fifth game. That’s how bad it is on the banks of the Raritan River. Their own starters do not want to play for the team. What kind of a precedent does that set and what does that tell you about the culture of football at the school? Both will almost assuredly enter the transfer portal.

UCLA lost at home to a horrendous Oregon State team, 48-31. Why is Chip Kelly still the coach? Is Athletic Director Dan Guerrero unwillingly to do anything because he’s retiring in 2020? It’s an embarrassment.

Yes, No. 4 Ohio State is good but it’s clear Michigan State has seen a drop off in their talent and is having trouble competing with the big boys in the Big Ten East division, losing 34-10. The other problem is Coach Mark Dantonio’s program is facing scrutiny and criticism for the way it handled a sexual assault case involving one of its players in 2017. He is also being sued by former recruiting director Curtis Blackwell who was terminated as a result of the investigation. Blackwell claims he was a scapegoat and did nothing wrong. Dantonio hates the publicity and refuses to talk about it.

Iowa’s offensive line made No. 19 Michigan’s defense look like the 1987 Chicago Bears. Another game where they could’ve won with better execution but instead followed the script, losing 10-7.

No. 13 Oregon now is the only team in the PAC 12 which can make the CFP and they must win out to even have a chance. The one headliner in their game against Cal (winning 17-7) was when a fan ran on to the field and running back Cyrus Habibi-Likio made a nice tackle to bring him down. The Ducks didn’t score a point in the first have and with their superior talent and quarterback Justin Herbert, that’s unacceptable.

Congratulations to Notre Dame on their 52-0 victory over Bowling Green, a game which never should have been scheduled let alone played.

Finally, No. 24 SMU with 65 new players this year, is 6-0 for the first time since 1986. That’s before they received the death penalty and they’re not playing Texas, but they came from 21 points down in the fourth quarter to win in the third OT against Tulsa, 43-37. Let’s take note.


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