Three coaches in power five leagues lost their jobs last week.

Three coaches in power five leagues lost their jobs last week.

Steve Addazio was fired by Boston College after seven years. He never won more than seven games and never finished higher than third in his division. BC has bigger problems. They play in a conference with in which they have almost nothing in common with its members, Syracuse and Pitt being the exception. They took the money and left the Big East years ago when it was still a viable entity. Now they get to cash their checks every month, but average appears to be their best.

Matt Luke was fired at Mississippi after three seasons. He finished 4-8 this year but I’m sure it did but help when one of players was penalized after scoring a touchdown for celebrating at rival Mississippi State fans by pretending to be a dog and urinating on them. The ensuing extra point was naturally missed, and the Rebels lost 21-20.

Barry Odom is out at Missouri. Here is a school also collecting gig checks from the SEC but after a good beginning years ago, has fallen on hard times. Personally, I think the Tigers regret leaving the Big 12 but they were forced out like others with the greedy actions of Texas. Certainly, they would rather have landed on the Big Ten.

Don’t worry about any of these guys. They all collected and are still owed millions of dollars. We should all be so lucky.

Chris Peterson, a class act at Washington, called it quits citing stress.

Greg Schiano’s hiring at Rutgers is a distressed signal. Eight years at four million per year for a guy who was unemployed with no leverage. A pure money-grab.

One game tonight on the west coast. No. 5 Utah v No. 12 Oregon. The Ducks have the edge at quarterback with Justin Herbert. The Utes have the edge on defense. Utah must win to have a chance at a CFP Beth. This one is simple. Play turnover free football and the Ducks win outright. I think they will. Take the six points on the Ducks for five units.


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