Expectation quickly turned into domination!

Week 10 featured several showdowns led by No. Alabama at No. 3 LSU. The word of the week was “expectation”; the word of the weekend was “domination”.

It all came from Alabama’s 29-0 victory at LSU. Death Valley on Saturday night was just electric. We were there because there was so much hype for this game. Most prognosticators, including me, thought LSU had a chance, not necessarily to win but to compete. Their defense was as good as it gets so why not think they could slow down this Alabama juggernaut? Instead, it was over at halftime.

The question must be asked. Is there any team which can be competitive against the Crimson Tide for sixty minutes? If you want to say Clemson or Notre Dame, who are both undefeated, you’ve not been watching. From our observations, just hanging around for one half is a moral victory. The Tide will wear you down. Clemson has some horses but not the experience or the defensive secondary. Notre Dame? They’re not in my top seven. The schedule maker has been very nice to them. They got Michigan early, a team which is playing its best ball of the season now. Remember Clemson plays an eight-game schedule in the super easy ACC while the Irish play five games against ACC teams as well.

I don’t know how you look at things any differently than say it is Alabama’s championship to lose. They play smart, intelligent, physical football with talent everywhere and they do not make mistakes. Other than that, they’re just OK. To describe their season as dominant would be an understatement.

As we look ahead towards their schedule, there is that big game in two weeks against The Citadel, a game the Tide should never schedule but that’s a story for another day. They also have Mississippi State and Auburn, two good teams that in a normal season on their best day, can give anyone a run for them money. Even with an “A” game, I don’t see how the Tide don’t roll over both. Alabama, right now, is just far ahead of everybody else. Maybe the gap gets reduced as we get to the college football playoff but even with an improbable loss, it is likely the Crimson Tide will be in the CFP. They will see No. 5 Georgia in the SEC Championship and the Bulldogs have weapons on both sides of the ball, have played a top schedule and are game tested. However, nobody right now can compare to Alabama. Without an injury or a miracle, does anyone see Bama losing? Only in a fairytale.

12 games this week and went 5-6-1 with some very tough losses on the last play or final possession. Lost just two units however, and still plus 21 on the year.

A quick look at the CFP Poll which we will review in more detail Monday, shows the top eight all won except LSU. Since Georgia defeated No. 9 Kentucky, the Wildcats are no longer in the CFP conversation. I would be remiss if I did not tell you again Central Florida, another undefeated team, has no chance. West Virginia, beating Texas on the road, had their biggest win since becoming a Big 12 member. We’ll tell you how we think this all shakes out tomorrow.


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