Great finishes, picks and how about them Hokies?

What an incredible finish to some games yesterday. How about that Virginia/Virginia Tech game? Huge win made the Hokies bowl eligible, but the game was over in regulation if a Cavalier player had recovered a Tech fumble in the end zone in the last two minutes. He could have kicked it, pushed it out or just thrown it out of the end zone for a touchback. Would’ve been Virginia ball and they would’ve run the clock out. Instead, the player muffed, Tech recovered and tied the score, then won it in it after recovering a Cavalier fumble. So, where’s the beef? The beef is you always need to know the time and the score. The Virginia player should have known he didn’t have to recover the fumble just get it out of the end zone. A game changer.

Then what about Oklahoma’s 59-56 basketball score victory over West Virginia? Back and forth we told you they would break records and they did. But it was a call late fourth quarter against the Mountaineers which cost them the game. After a long run to the one-yard line, West Virginia was called for an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty. Why? because of a block out of bounds at the OU forty-yard line. So, the Mountaineers started over around midfield and one play later, quarterback Will Grier fumbled, and the Sooners returned it for a long defensive touchdown to open a late ten-point lead and that was all she wrote. What a turnaround. The Mountaineers did score again but never got the ball back. Why? Because they couldn’t stop the Sooners all night. Of course, Oklahoma couldn’t stop West Virginia, they stopped themselves. That call will be reviewed for years to come.

Did the player block the OU player while out of bounds? Absolutely. Was it egregious? Absolutely. Should it have been called? Absolutely not. Because officials always need to know the time and score. What had happened necessitated the flag being picked up. It happens every week. That whole crew should be dismissed for future assignments. But they won’t. Why? Because it’s one of their buddies who probably they previously officiated with that makes the assignments. There were so many other made and omitted wrong calls including an obvious face mask. Problem is, it’s all political in the assignments and who you know not necessarily how good you are. It happens in basketball, too. That’s why we have inconsistency, terrible game changing calls or non-calls and the same people officiating these games. A big mess.

Went 3-2. Plus, three units yesterday bringing us to plus 16. Here’s today’s picks.

Michigan (-3.5) at Ohio State. The Wolverines are just plain better. Don’t let the records fool you. Yes, it’s a huge game but Ohio State is fortunate to be here. Michigan has played like it belongs here. Four units on the Wolverines.

Maryland at Penn State (-13.5). The talent gap is huge. The Terps lost a tough one last week to OSU. Nothing left here. Three units on the Nittany Lions.

Arizona State (-2.5) at Arizona. The Sun Devils are simply the better team. The Wildcat have improved but they’re still yielding too much yardage and Herm Edwards has a huge edge over Kevin Sumlin in the coaching department. Three units on ASU.

Notre Dame at USC (plus 9). I just think the Irish are exposed. Two units on the Trojans.

LSU at Texas A&M (-1). Huge game for the Aggies to get themselves into the National landscape. The Tigers are No. 7 with a slight chance to get CFP consideration. Instead, the Aggies arrive. Four units on the Aggies.


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