This is a great week in the SEC for quality play.

Ok, what the heck was Tua Tagovailoa on the field for up 35-7 against Mississippi State? Coach Nick Saban says it was to run the two-minute drill. It says here it was to make a run at the Heisman. Either way, it was riverboat gambling and Tagovailoa’s serious injury brings into question Saban’s judgement. What’s next for Tagovailoa? Hopefully, a full recovery but this was significant surgery. There’s no guarantee. We’re hoping his recovery is swift and 100% but if not, millions could be lost. You wonder why projected first round picks sit out meaningless bowl games? Because they don’t want to expose themselves to a potential injury which could change their draft status. The other thing to note here is Tagovailoa only has one speed—all out. He could’ve and maybe should’ve just fallen to the ground when he saw contact coming. That’s what Kyle Murray did all last year and it worked for him. There’s always risk for injury especially at quarterback and with nothing to play for at that point, Tagovailoa shouldn’t have even seen the field. The next player in his position will think twice before putting his career on the line.

This is a great week in the SEC for quality play. Western Carolina at Alabama, Stamford at Auburn, Tennessee-Martin at Kentucky, East Tennessee State at Vanderbilt and Abilene Christian at Mississippi State. Five games I circled at the beginning of the year that I must watch. What an embarrassment but this is the week before rivalry week and typically this is what you get from the SEC every year that second to last week. I’m going to start calling it coward weak in the SEC because it symbolizes the lack of any competition. Having said that, look at so many other schools and they belong in this paragraph as well. College football should be competitive every week not just eight or nine out of twelve games. It’s time for the CFP to acknowledge that and penalize those teams for their horrendous scheduling. That would bring change.

It looks more and more like Joe Burrow has sewed up the Heisman. He’s not only led LSU to an undefeated season, he’s set records while also changing the offensive mentality at the school. A complete transformation.

If UCLA beats USC, Clay Helton doesn’t make it to the end of the season. LSU is a 46-point favorite against Arkansas. What does that tell you about the state of Arkansas Razorback football? They belong in the Big 12 with Missouri and Texas A&M. That league could command a hefty bonus if those schools left the SEC. Then the SEC would be forced to try and lure a Clemson (not happening) or Florida State (forget it) or look at Memphis, Houston or Cincinnati, schools dying to get a Power Five Conference invite but with a lack of reputation or resources. Texas is responsible for the demise and bear extinction of the Big 12. If Texas were more interested in what’s good for the Big 12 those schools would still be there. But Texas is only interested in Texas and alienated everyone around them. Same goes for Notre Dame. Greedy, selfish and armed with their own television contracts, these two schools symbolize what’s wrong with college football more than any other. They are not “team” players and have caused irreparable harm to the game.

No. 8 Penn State at No. 1 Ohio State (-17). The only game between two ranked teams. Ohio State has rolled over all their opponents averaging over fifty points a game. Penn State quarterback Sean Clifford has been inconsistent of Kate including last week’s win over Indiana. He’s also received death threats which is ridiculous and has no business in any modern society after throwing three interceptions in their only loss at Minnesota. They just don’t have the horses to score on the Buckeyes who I expect to cover easily. Turn your television off by the fourth quarter here. A triple lock!


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